After Builders Cleaning

Contact us if you do not have the time, knowledge or technical resources to handle correctly the logistics and execution of your after builders cleaning project. We are a professional sanitation contractor and we have the required assets to provide you top of the line post- construction cleaning services that will correspond in full to your persona criteria for quality. We have numerous years of relevant industry experience and you can trust us when we say that we have seen it all, done it all throughout our careers.

Fully equipped cleaners

The scale and complexity of your sanitation jobs will not be an issue as we have the manpower and technical capacity to carry it out from start to end. Our tools and detergents allow us to immaculate remove resilient stains, spots, spillages and build-ups that are cause by:

  • Paint
  • Plaster
  • Timber
  • Moulding
  • Tiles
  • Steel

We also the necessary equipment to clean furniture marks your walls and doorframes. The sanitation solutions that we use are 100% eco-friendly and do not contain any chemical or toxic ingredients.

Our after builders cleaning services are perfectly suitable for both private and business clients, and can be used for the post-construction sanitation of studios, flats, houses, mansion, office building, commercial warehouses and other residential or business edifices. What is more, you can benefit from our special prices of £15 – £16 per hour per cleaner (detergents and equipment can be provided at extra charge). The services offered are drafted in full accord with the highest standards of the cleanings and match in full all local laws and regulations. We operate in such fashion because our main goal is to provide to our clients first grade cleaning services with which they will be fully satisfied and content.

Easy to book after builders cleaning services

We have a team of accomplished and hard-working cleaners that will go beyond its call of duty in order to accommodate all your demands. Do not worry about your tight deadline because we are ready to work round the clock if the job requires it. Our schedule is flexible, which will allow us to provide you our post-construction sanitation options at a day and time the best suits your personal agenda. Keep in mind that we accept last minute bookings, so feel free to get in touch with us on a short notice.

Pricewise we are unrivalled by the other cleaning companies because we work with cost effective rates that can easily accommodate both large and small budgets. Since the foundation of our firm we have followed to the letter the policy of never making compromises with the quality of our after builders sanitation services, so you can rest assured that we will give you the best value for your money. See for yourself that we are being transparent in our claim by contacting us and requesting a free and final quotation.

Round the clock availability

You can learn more about us, our methods of work and post-construction cleaning services by exploring our website or contacting our friendly and helpful client advisors. We are at your disposal 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

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