Many of the biggest health threats in your home, like dust mites and bed bugs, are hiding in your furniture. Our inexpensive and client-focused sofa, upholstery and mattress cleaning services, however, are one the best ways to vanquish these invisible enemies. We from Cleaners have plenty of years of experience on that battlefield and our competent local cleaners know no defeat.

Comprehensive sofa and upholstery cleaning

The quality of a professional sofa and upholstery cleaning service depends not only on the skills and training of the cleaners who execute the cleaning process but also on the machines and supplies which are being used. That is namely why we have invested in innovative equipment which features efficient spray and spot extraction machines, as well as powerful upholstery cleaners. As for the products which we will apply on your upholstery furniture, you have our word that they are neither toxic nor aggressive. Still, that will not prevent our vetted professionals from delivering a 100% service and quality satisfaction.

We can treat all kinds of upholstery fibres. From natural materials like wool, cotton and leather to synthetic fabrics like polyester, vinyl and nylon – we have the right solution for various types of sofas and upholstery. That is why our diligent team will start off the cleaning job by thoroughly examining the materials of your upholstery furniture. After all, the goal of our trusted upholstery and sofa cleaning pros is to properly sanitise your furniture and to prolong its life and not to cause damages to its fibres.

Enjoy effective mattress cleaning services

Much like our speedy sofa and upholstery furniture cleaning service, the speedy mattress cleaning which we offer is also quite comprehensive. We have the readiness to sanitise innerspring, hybrid, pillow top, foam, memory foam and various other categories of mattresses. Using eco-friendly cleaning supplies and up-to-date machines, we will not simply clean your mattress but we will also remove odour, dust mites, stains, urine and bed bugs from it. We guarantee that our advanced cleaning techniques will provide you with an incredible allergy relief and that they will greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Once again, the methods which we will use to sanitise your mattress will preserve the quality of the fibres and give it a refreshed appearance and aroma.

Great quality at budget-friendly prices

Making your home an incredibly health-friendly place will not cost you a fortune since we have a fair and clear pricing policy and cheap rates. Prices of our green sofa and upholstery cleaning service start at £30 per a two-seat sofa while sanitising your favourite armchair will cost you only £18. If you combine our insured upholstery cleaning with some of our other services, we will give you a 10% price discount.

The meticulous mattress cleaning which we provide is also remarkably wallet-friendly. Our qualified local cleaners will treat a single mattress for barely £16. Customers who book us for the cleaning of more than three mattresses will enjoy a 10% discount.

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