Do you want your patio to be sparklingly clean at all times? Would you prefer to have your deck, terrace or the walkway toward your house to in a perfect condition no matter what? Well, we, at Cleaners have the perfect solution for you. Our Jet Wash and Patio cleaning service is among the highest rated solutions being offered by our company at the current moment.

All the ingredients for an impeccable service

By employing the latest and most powerful pressure washing machines that are currently in use by the industry, our professional grade sanitation experts can get the most out of the process of jet washing, and all the while spending less time, energy and resources in the process. This makes the cleaning service we are talking about here not only really efficient, but also pretty affordable.

Certified cleaners and professional attitude

Our patio cleaning solutions are just the thing you have been looking for in the warmer months of the year. Summer is the time when you’d like your outdoor space to look in its best condition, because it is more than likely to spend time there. Call our jet wash and patio cleaning specialists today and leave it to them to take care of the task at hand. Prices start from mere £2 per square metre (at minimal service price of £60).

Dedication and impeccable results at all times

Thanks to the tested methods we employ, the state of the art equipment and the general motivation of our licensed and insured professional cleaners, we are ready to provide you with the proper treatment for you:

A jet wash is indeed what you need right now, so there would be no reason why you should not get in touch with our experts.

Get us on board now and leave everything else in our experienced hands

Booking can be made at any time of the day, for any day of the week. We operate on a very flexible schedule which allows for last-minute reservations. We understand perfectly well that every once in a while an urgent matter occurs, and it would be a shame if you did not have the opportunity to count on us. Obtain all the information concerning our company and sanitation services from our friendly customer support. Reach out for questions, free quotes and in order to make a reservation either via phone, or through the very easy to use online contact form that we have on this website.

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