Our company’s local cleaners are the people whom you would want by your side when you have an end of tenancy cleaning to attend to. Sanitising your property in a proper manner prior to you moving out is very important, especially when you would like to receive a refund on your rental deposit, and that is precisely what we are here to help you with.

The reasons you need precisely our end of tenancy cleaning solution

We offer premier quality end of tenancy cleaning services that come with a guarantee for excellent results on a rather competitive price. When you consider the money that you will invest into hiring us and the sum you will receive from your security deposit, you will realise that you are saving much more than you will be spending. And remember, you cannot put a price tag on your peace of mind either. Our rates start at £89 for cleaning a studio flat, £119 if you would like us to throw a carpet cleaning in the deal. This means you get 50% off from carpet cleaning if you mix and match it with our end of tenancy cleaning offer. Prices for treating a one-bedroom property start from £117, and £137 for a two-bedroom one. Additionally, if you are a landlord, instead of a tenant, you will get 10% off all rates. Check out our complete price list for more details.

Over the years we have made sure to tailor our cleaning methods and the overall service in a way that produces optimal results with minimal to no waste of time and resources – which is precisely why we manage to maintain our prices so low.

How we will get the job done

Our licensed and very dedicated professional cleaners do end of lease sanitation in a manner that is up to all industry standards. This means that the job is going to be carried out:

We are always here for you no matter what

Feel free to book our local end of tenancy cleaning service at any time. Cleaners LTD are here for you and we got your back. Customer satisfaction among the people who have already made use of our top notch sanitation solutions is high, as it is evident from the outstanding reviews that we receive on a regular basis. We are certain that you will be pretty happy with the job we will do on the project you have for us too. Just call us and leave everything else to us.

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